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Marieke de Groot - Workplace Consultant

My name is Marieke and I am the founder of Planique.

I strongly believe that the office environment can serve as a strategic tool to benefit your company growth. It is easy, your company is your people, so when they are doing well, your company will do well. Office design is an impactful tool to foster and boost happiness & inspiration amongst your people and this naturally leads to higher productivity and engagement.

My passion and expertise lies in company cultures and functional, human-centric office design.

I hold a Masters degree in Business Administration and graduated in company cultures. This combined with my Bachelor´s degree and experience in facilities & hotel management has led me to help companies on how to create empowering workspaces.


Jessica Hamilton - Design Lead

My name is Jessica and I am the design lead at Planique.
My design approach is simple. To solve workspace problems in a dynamic way by offering a less stressful and more productive atmosphere.  This means studying the spatial restrictions and location while exploring different types of work styles and zones that best suits the company´s needs.  


My objective is to bring comfort into the workplace with sustainable materials, enhancing natural light and effective furniture placement.

I believe we should keep exploring how we live and work in our built environment as we move towards a more sustainable, smarter & digital world.

I hold a Master in Interior Design from Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and a Bachelors in Architecture from Catholic University of America.



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