¨It is not just about how the office environment looks like, it is about what it does to the people and the organization.¨

My name is Marieke de Groot and I am the founder of Planique. I strongly believe that the office environment can serve as a strategic tool to benefit your company growth. It is easy, your company is your people, so when they are doing well, your company will do well. Office design is an impactful tool to foster and boost happiness & inspiration amongst your people and this naturally leads to higher productivity and engagement.

My passion and expertise lies in company cultures and functional, human-centric office design.

I hold a Masters degree in Business Administration and graduated in company cultures. This combined with my Bachelor´s degree and experience in facilities & hotel management has led me to help companies on how to create empowering workspaces.

I think the workplace will remain a necessary place and adapted to the new realities of today. I am looking to work with companies who are focused on continuous improvement and want to transform their workplace for the better and be prepared for the future.